The end of the world is always an exciting topic for all kinds of products. But the zombie apocalypse, so important in the cinema, has found a consolidated and safe space in video games. Month after month, new zombie videogames are launched on all platforms, so all zombie lovers always have fresh content to enjoy. Some of them are as follows.

1. Lewdapocalypse

The apocalypse shown in Lewdapocalypse is truly insane. With a Japanese animation design, this is a game that is only for adults because it includes sexual scenes that, for some of its players, are quite reminiscent of the Hentai. In this online video game, besides sex, there will be viruses, love, corporations trying to take advantage of the situation, and an uncontrolled zombie reality. If you have an open mind, Ledapocalypse is a great option to have fun.

2. Resident Evil: Resistance

Resident Evil is already a classic, and in 2020 they have launched their video game Resistance. From Raccoon City, you will enter the world of this video game. It’s a horrific reality where you’ll have to fight for your life. In this world, young people are kidnapped to steal your data, but you can be one of the survivors of Mastermind. The video game allows you to be the Mastermind or one of the survivors attacked by zombies, so the dynamic is complete. If a world under these circumstances appeals to you, now’s your chance.

3. Zombie Army Dead War 4

The Zombie Army series has released a new version: Dead War 4. This video game has merit because it combines history with the zombie world, presenting zombie Nazis in the middle of a war. The weapons have been totally renewed, and the graphics are as scary as those of the Zombie Army series. This is a quality video game that has won critical acclaim.