Casino games gross millions of dollars around the world every minute. Currently, the casino industry has been moving from physical to online casinos. Moreover, it is already possible to play different online casino games without investing a single dollar. Various attractions, classic and modern, have changed the world of casinos. Discover in this article three popular online casino games.

1. Aloha!

Slots are no longer just machines where you wait for three corresponding icons to come out to get paid. The internet has made these games evolve in a significant way, and one of the best examples is Aloha! The winnings will depend on the number of identical symbols that are grouped together in a space, in a cumulative way. Also, you have options to block the symbols that you have already won, or you also have the function to play with some free spins. Aloha! also has a nice and fun Hawaiian look.

2. Russian Poker

Poker is one of the most important gambling games in the world. That’s why it has developed different variants, and one of them is Russian Poker, which became very popular online. In this variant, players play and bet against the house, but the 52-card deck remains. It is usually a multiplayer game with at least six players. The player can decide if his hand of cards is better than the dealer’s and play it. Also, the dealer must rate the players. Afterward, the player can bet money to change cards.

3. Book of Ra

With an interesting aesthetic typical of ancient Egypt, the Book of Ra is a simple slot machine without major complex rules. It is ideal for those who want to approach the game and play to obtain the mummy’s treasure. The icons used to play are hieroglyphics, so if you like ancient Egypt and the casino, no doubt, this game will be one of your biggest attractions.